For UQAM, the world is a place for building networks, sharing knowledge, and contributing to the community.

  • UQAM’s Language School broadens the horizons of more than 700 students per year thanks to its accredited programs and courses in 10 modern languages.
  • UQAM offers international summer programs in Abidjan, Berlin, Bogotá, Dalian, Florence, Molyvos (Mithymna), and Prague, among others, with courses in archaeology, cinema, history, world languages and cultures, and social innovations.
  • The University hosts multiple research groups that collaborate with professors from across the globe, including:
    • Five UNESCO Chairs (communication, education, environment, philosophy, and radicalization prevention)
    • The Montreal Institute of International Studies, whose activities focus on globalization, governance, security, diplomacy, and human rights.

Additionally, a large number of UQAM’s professors conduct their research through partnerships forged around the world, and many graduate students have the opportunity to embark on research trips, connect with international networks, and participate in internships in a multitude of fields.

  • Many members of the UQAM community have distinguished themselves on the international stage, winning competitions and prestigious awards, such as the Order of Academic Palms, Legion of Honor, Model United Nations, and the Google Online Marketing Challenge.